Augmented Reality


Deliver your valued customers lifelike and immersive virtual experience and turn them your loyal user-base.

It isn’t tough today! Capture their senses offering them an altogether newer perspective of your brand and business using visually enriched and engaging content leveraging our Augmented Reality dexterity and experience.

Types of Augmented Reality


Provide an improved understanding of your product using 3D animations and videos images using AR apps. It helps brands to increase the customer engagement by helping them to experience the immersive content over the printed media. Marker Based AR works with the Image Recognition. We can use 2D Image, 3D Object, QR Code as a visual marker to trigger the AR experience with Augmented Content.

Plane Tracking/Product Try-On

Let your customer experience a better envision of your products through an interactive demonstration of furniture, and interior décor products.

AR Way Finding

Offer an improved wayfinding technique using AR Wayfinding solution! This will help people find places with more ease following the animated, highlighted and outlined pathways.

Object Detection based AR

Object detection enables your customers 360 degrees augmented reality experience around your products and other objected already defined by you enlarging rooms, scenes etc.

Location-based AR

This AR technique help finds relevant information about what your customers are looking for on their GPS enabled device using location-centric mobile application.

Custom Augmented Reality Solutions

Need something which is not listed here and is unique? Don’t worry. Augmented Reality Developers at The Intellify can help you out in that. Our diverse experience makes us capable of delivering unique solutions. Contact us, discuss your requirement and it’ll be done.

Industries We Served

Real Estate

Often it is tough to showcase the potential of your offerings and convince the clients to buy products especially when it is a large complex, machinery or larger property. To address such challenges we create plan tracking AR app which can give your customers the real feel and experience of the floor, property, place or design taking them to the virtual walkthrough of places using 3D images and graphics. Let your marketing team fully equipped with the potential of running an AR-driven plane tracking demo anywhere.

Print Media and Publication

Books and learning could be boring! But today you can attract more customers delivering them highly engaging and interactive content by scanning the given images from newspaper, books or publications leveraging AR apps.

Your customers would understand better, soaking more information if your product demo is 3D driven. It’ll not only help educate them and influence their buying decision but it will also increase the efficiency of your support staff providing them a better product learning experience.

Retail Product Packaging

Any retail product becomes self-explanatory when it’s demonstrated using Marker-based AR technique. Help customers get more options and the customized solution given their specific requirements.

Using our AR app, display required and relevant information for your customers to access details in real-time using interactive AR content. Customers could select the right product with ample detail and preferred content for the desired products.

AR Commerce

Using AR solutions brands can create innovative marketing campaigns and techniques. Deliver your customers lifelike experience by helping them trying out every product virtually using the AR technique.

We created AR solutions using which e-commerce brands like goggles, watches, and jewelry, can offer their customers the real-time immersive and interactive virtual trial experience of the products, helping them make a right and educated decision.

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